Remote Login

McCord's Do it Best customers can use our remote customer login capabilities to check on order status and pricing, as well as communicate with store staff and view statement balance.

If you are a McCord's Do it Best customer and would like the ability to access your account anywhere and at anytime please contact the store for setup. Current customers that have forgotten their user ID or password should contact the store for help.

Find the download links below. For fist time users click STEP ONE to download the remote software. Customers with the remote software already installed on their computer can proceed to STEP TWO.



Sometimes technology doesn't always work the way we want it to. If you are experiencing connection issues please see the common troubleshooting steps to resolve your issues. If that still doesn't help, please contact the store.

Remote software disconnects from the server without user input selecting the disconnect option.
This software uses a secure connection protocol that requires a constant stable internet connection. We recommend using a wired Ethernet connection rather than a wireless connection.

Remote software displays a black screen with multiple lines of white code when user attempts to connect to the remote server.
Sometimes the user initiated connection does not authenticate properly and displays the symptoms above. If this happens simply click the disconnect option and download the connection profile again.

Microsoft Windows operating system displays an error stating that this software may be harmful to your system.
The type of file that is downloaded in STEP ONE is an older type of a package download and not a common package type. Windows may flag this as a security vulnerability. To solve this download the file, browse to the "downloads" folder, find the file, right click "run as administrator"

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: STEP TWO (connection profile) is only compatible with 32-bit operating systems and is not compatible with Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit) please contact the store for assistance in manually establishing a connection.      

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